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Welcome to GrowingTogether!

As many individuals journey into the field of growing cannabis for the first time, they often find it more difficult than initially anticipated. At GrowingTogether we help people looking to grow clean, organic cannabis by providing them with the tools and knowledge and a community-based platform to interact with others along the way.

Who We Are

We are Jimbo and Jellybean! She’s the brains of this operation; she combines years of work as a fine gardener in the Boston area with nearly a decade of experience in growing cannabis, who is also accredited by the NOFA (NorthEastern Organic Farmers Association). He’s the brawn, who happens to also talk pretty well. Together We’re a couple of deadheads who’ve been dating for a number of years, and decided after a pretty successful season of growth last year in quarantine, that we wanted to help others learn how to grow their own meds, too! 

What We Do

GrowingTogether is a web-based community learning platform, that’s intended to help those that want to grow their own clean Cannabis, but are either afraid it’ll be too difficult, or just plain don’t know where to start!  With access to our program, new growers will learn not only the basics of growing cannabis, but have a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship that the plant holds with the soil, water, sun, and ourselves. 

growing organic marijuana

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